Rapid MedStore is specialized in the sale of RX Medication, anabolic steroids and quality growth hormones to users, patients, athletes and bodybuilders, we have 7 years of selling experience in the domain. We know there have been many new sources out there to buy your Medication, steroids and HGH in recent years.

So why not take a moment to learn a little more about RapidMedStore.com and discover what sets us apart from all other companies in our industry?


1/ We are approved seller of several trusted and popular pharmaceutical companies and we only sell 100% legit medications :

When it comes to the quality of our products, we never take risks. There is not and there will never be a risk on quality for a matter of cost! Just like you, we know that you do not compromise when it comes to knowing what you accept or not to ingest or inject! In this way, we not only get the best price, but we can also and especially fully guarantee the quality of every product we sell.

2/ We carry wide range of most popular steroids and  HGH :

The quality of our products is our primary goal. That’s why we buy all our products directly from producers and not on the black market. All our products come from Asia, particularly from Thailand, a country famous among bodybuilders for its quality steroids and we pay special attention to the quality of our products that are regularly checked.

We have a full range of products from different brands : Organon, March, Body-Research, LA-Pharma, Alpha Pharma, Astra Zeneca, Bayer Schering, Thaiger Pharma, Meditech,…

As all our products are original, We invite you to check the authenticity of your products on the different laboratories websites.

3/ Another important reason for choosing us is the great customer support that we offer :

Serve professionally, guide, inform, monitor, use all existing devices in order to be available for all our customers, thanks to an online chat and email.

Our team is made up of matured people who love bodybuilding, cycling, crossfit, fighting sports and actually any sport available and hate restrictions/rules with medications we intake. We have been using these meds and steroids for nearly 10 years so we have a lot to say and share!

Yes, you understood, you are the center of our concerns and our attention … You are our best prescriber, we know it and we do all we can to satisfy you as well as being the only ones to prove it to you.

4/ Discreet, guaranteed and fast delivery of the products :

Far from being flamboyant strategies, machinations with a lot of communication reinforcement in rapidmedstore.com when it comes to delivery we like to be concrete. In our industry, receiving your package is too often a taboo subject.

  • With our 98 % of success delivery rate we are well above the average.
  • You want to be sure before place a large order ? Try us ! we don’t have a minimum order amount and all the orders are fully track-able.
  • Also, we provide an insurance for 10 % of the total amount of your order, if you have any issue with your order, we send it again ! (seizure, breakage, theft, loss)

5/ You can buy original and high quality products cheaper. This works as a great advantage :

Rapidmedstore.com is unique in the industry of selling meds and anabolic products. We only sell directly to consumers (to you!). By selling directly, we avoid having to go through the distributors circuit and wholesalers who would apply an additional increase on our products to meet their own profit margin and restrictions.

Consumers have never been able before to have access to high quality meds and anabolic products at such low prices.

The combination of our direct sales model and the use of our huge buying power in order to negotiate the best prices on all brands allow us to be able to ensure that the majority of our products will be offer to you at the lowest price !  These are more than just words… just compare them yourself!